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    Helisafe is the latest innovation for data monitoring, analysis and trending. It enables automatic data transmission for analysis at the end of every flight.

  • Wolds Leading Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring System.

    Over 1,000,000 Flight Logged.

An Invaluable Operational Safety Tool

Worlds leading Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring System.
Over 1,000,000 Flights Logged.

Easily Installed

Affordable and light weight, weighing only five pounds with installation taking round 30 hrs

Automated Operation

Requires no human interaction for data download or trend data interpretation

Real-Time Data

Data and alerts are sent at the end of the flight via SMS or GSM. But with Iridium option, alarms are sent in flight in real time.

Operational Safety

Customer defined pre-exceedance alerts to notify the owner/operator BEFORE exceedance events occur

What is

ISEI developed the HeliSafe along with helicopter industry operators to insure that all of the functions a customer would need would be “in the box”. Utilizing the technology form their successful SafetyPlane FDM system, the HeliSafe was released into the market in 2010.

Why Helisafe ?

Real Time Pilot Alerts

Sixty-Four in flight, real time exceedance alerts can be sent via iridium network to text and email.

Customized Data Reporting

The Heliweb flight data system offers helicopter operators customer defined Data Monitoring Trends.

Lightweight & Easy to Install

The Helicom device weighs only 5 lbs. Installation is easy (Approx 30 hrs) with various STC’d equipment installation locations for many different aircraft make/models.

User Friendly Interface

Users may access the HeliWeb Data Monitoring site with 24/7 access via any web browser on a desktop, laptop or smart device with internet access.

Automatic Data Logs

Data can be downloaded into Electronic Technical Log Book via HeliCom embedded blue tooth.

Helisafe credibility

Helicom has over 350 systems in operation worldwide with over 1,000,000 logged flights monitored.


Our Services

  • Predictive


    • Exceedances
    • Trends
    • Power assurance check
    • Curves
    • Fleet management
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  • Safety

    to increase flight performance

    • Helicopter usage and status
    • Triggers
    • Tracking Sat
    • 3D
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  • Log Book

    helps to anticipate

    • Summary of flights
    • Anticipate events
    • Help to define actions
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