You have a very good product that many more operators will want to buy I am sure.

Mark Gardner (PDG Helicopters)

Of course it is my hope that one day I will be able to see them all flying safely from my PC thanks to Helisafe.

Mark Gardner (PDG Helicopters)

It is fair to say that myself and the rest of the team were very impressed.

Dave Price (Bond Air Services)

Thank you for your co-operation to complete our first installation so easily. In a very busy week, this project was the most successful outcome!

Martin Forster (Bond Air Services)

The team of ISEI is young and highly motivated. This results in quick answers and easy communication.

Timon Kruisman (ANWB Medical Air Assistance)

I can clearly say I am happy with the support and the work from the Isei team!

Timo Demeter (DRF Luftrettung)

Thank you for all the assistance and help!

W. Troy Atkinson (Blue Hawaiian)

J’en rêve de bosser avec vous.

Nicolas Boltoukhine (Oya Vendée Hélicoptères)