Log Book
  • Electronic storage and validation in a tablet, or so, of the e-Technical Log Book, from the cabin, after every flight
  • Same format than the one, manual, currently in use
  • Decrease the workload of crews
    More reliable data
  • Ready for automatic update of the airworthiness software

Why should I use an e-TLB ?

  • Fully compliant with airworthiness authority requirements
  • Quick and easy access to helicopter’s life parameters
  • Less paperwork
  • Less error
  • Decreased workload of the pilot

Our solution

  • Reliable recorded data (Helisafe solution)
  • Flight times, Cycles, Triggers…
  • User friendly App (Tablet) + Bluetooth connection
  • Electronic signature
  • Data transmission (GSM/Wifi) for airworthiness
  • Data storage in the device or USB stick or tablet
  • TLBs stored on servers and online consultation