Helicom V2 +


Same size than the current V2 and same features to keep our current STC (only index change but same PN). Bigger capacity storage in the transmission memory 150 flight hours vs 30 for the V2

  • More powerful = more parameters monitored
  • More Accurate
  • + fully adapted to the e-TECHNICAL LOG BOOK and other options added to the Helisafe solution

The Helisafe solution is still and it will stay the basis of our line of products


Our solution Helicom V2+

  • Up to 64 parameters
  • Ability to define 16 fences with the iridium software
  • Advanced embedded triggers, sent in real time if SAT
  • Cycles processing
  • e-TLB ready (flight data provider, storage, transmission)
  • Data processing for trends (low level battery, engine autorotation)
  • Log memory ED155 compliant (up to 2 000h)
  • Improved wireless management (Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM)
  • Bidirectional satellite communication
  • Hub of all ISEI devices